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6 Christian Romance Reads for Valentine's Day

First off, let me offer some help when picking clean fiction. Oftentimes, you can find excellent stories and quality content simply by knowing what publishers adhere to moral guidelines that typically align with most Christian principles.

10 Books You Should Read This Year

As a writer, I'm also an avid reader. Though I'll admit, I don't read or get to read nearly as much as I did in middle and high school.I joined the Author Conservatory in 2021, a program requiring us to read books of choice and mandatory titles. After all, the best way to learn to write well is to read excellent books.I've decided to compile my top ten book picks from the last year. If you're looking for a little bit of mystery, a lot of suspense, and a whole lot of mental health, these are books I'd recommend for you to read:Photo Credit: ©Mahendra Kumar/Unsplash

12 New Curl-up-by-the-fire Christian Fiction Novels to Read This Cozy Season

As the holidays approach, bringing with them a sleigh full of hustle and bustle, you’ll need to carve out some quiet moments for yourself. And if you’re anything like me, those quiet moments will be best enjoyed with a brand-new novel. (if you’re REALLY like me, then also coffee!)I love to read Christmas novels during the holidays, but not exclusively. Sometimes, I need a break from the tinsel and bows, but I still want a fireplace-worthy read. I want my end-of-the-year books to be an event, something to lose myself in while listening to carols playing softly in the background and ignoring how many Christmas cookies I’ve consumed.On that note, here are twelve new Christian fiction releases (some Christmas-y, and some not) that are sure to warm your spirit this holiday season:Photo Credit: ©GettyImages/svetikd

20 Magical Christmas Books to Read to Your Children

You don't always have to read the entire book at once. Having those special times during your day will help you and your children slow down and take a breath. They will enjoy a beautifully illustrated book and the bonding time they get with you, and you will feel like an even more awesome parent. Take some time to pick out some books today and get ready for a more relaxing holiday.

10 Scary but Safe Books that Christians Can Read for Halloween

Is it okay for Christians to read scary books at Halloween?Different Christians have different views on the matter. However, the fact that the Bible contains some fairly scary stories suggests that the question is not whether Christians should read scary stories. The better question is, what the scary story is about—a warning about avoiding evil or celebrating evil? For centuries, Christian authors from Dante to C.S. Lewis have embraced the opportunity to use scary stories to explore why evil should be avoided, the nature of evil, and other important spiritual questions.These 10 books, some old and some modern, are all written by professed Christians who used their talent to write fascinating stories exploring spiritual themes.Note: Many of these books feature suspenseful scenes, and are not necessarily recommended for children. Readers are advised to research the books for themselves before reading or before recommending the books to others.Further Reading: A Christian Perspective on Horror in Movies and CulturePhoto Credit: © Getty Images/JDawnInk

What Makes George MacDonald's The Princess and the Goblin a Classic?

Pastor and writer George MacDonald published his fairy tale The Princess and The Goblinin 1872. While many fairy tales from that time are forgotten, this book continues to sell today, with readers worldwide enjoying it in various translations and various scholars discussing it.So, what makes this classic book so beloved and important?Further Reading: 15 Classic Christian Fantasy Books for Kids and AdultsPhoto Credit: © Getty Images/Philip Steury

11 Romance Books to Read This Fall

Fall is my favorite time of year. The air gets cool, the leaves change, and it's time to break out the sweatshirt jackets and cozy socks. It's also time for cozy meals and baked goods like pumpkin bars, apple cider donut muffins, and cinnamon streusel bread.One of my other favorite things to do this time of year is curl up with a good book and a cup of coffee, cocoa, or apple cider. My favorite genre to read is clean and wholesome romance, so here are some great romances to warm your nights. You will find family sagas, stories of friendship, and, yes, even a Christmas story or two. It's never too early to read holiday stories. I start in November and read Christmas stories throughout the Christmas season.
Photo Credit: ©Getty Images/JDawnInk

What Makes C.S. Lewis’ Novel The Great Divorce a Classic?

Though not as popular as The Chronicles of Narnia, Mere Christianity,or The Screwtape Letters, The Great Divorce is a fascinating work of fiction that has gained a wide readership. In fact, many scholars consider it one of the best novels Lewis ever wrote.So, what happens in this book that has resonated with so many readers around the world?Further Reading: 5 Fantastic Books by C.S. Lewis (which You Probably Haven’t Read)Photo Credit: © Getty Images/blew_i

10 Fiction Books to Read This Fall That Will Nourish Your Spirit

There are so many reasons why I love fall, but some of my favorite ones are the cozy clothing options, the soft blankets, the delicious, warm drink options, and how foliage begins its beautiful metamorphosis from green to orange to a deep burgundy before, finally, falling to the ground. I have always loved cool and wet weather, so the idea of staying home and cozying up with a good book by the fire is my idea of heaven on earth.I have always loved the written word, but my love of reading has definitely grown as I have aged. There are genres of books that I tend to navigate towards but, every once in a while, I’ll try out a different genre to “spice it up” and broaden my horizons. I don’t know what your fall and winter will look like, but if you’re interested in starting to read more this year, or just want to check out some different genres of books, come along with me as I recommend 10 fiction books to read this fall that will nourish your spirit!Photo Credit: © Unsplash/Ergita Sela

The Ultimate List of 10 Fun Books to Read to Your Kids

I have loved books since I was a baby. My mom said one day, she sat me on her lap with my back to her chest, opened a book, and I went nuts. She said my eyes widened, and I flailed my arms like crazy. She thinks it was something about the bright colors and the pictures that captured my attention.Well, my love of reading never stopped. I spent most of my childhood either with my nose in a book or writing some kind of story. This continued through middle school and high school and then into college. I still love to read as an adult. As a former daycare teacher, I have read many kids’ books and even own some as an adult.There is something about kids’ books that I love. They are cute, can teach a lesson, or be funny. I think the number one reason I love kids’ books so much is because they are fun. Some of my favorite books are children’s books, and I will share some with you. I hope you find the perfect book to read to your child at bedtime tonight.
Photo credit: ©Getty Images/Fly View Productions

5 Reasons I'll Stop Reading Your Christian Fiction Book

I’m an editor, freelance writer, and author, but I’m also a believer. My faith finds itself in all materials I write–even social media posts. I think it’s hard for anyone who loves the Lord to not incorporate His beauty, hope, and restoration into our art, our hearts spilled on a page, canvas, music sheet, or stage.However… However.In our attempts to share the gospel with others, to make the Christian walk pristine and palatable, we often water down Christ's works or make the faith life seem unattainable and unrealistic. This is often the theme, at least to me, when I read many mainstream Christian fiction books.Now, let me preface with this: some authors nail Christian fiction. The storyline has relatable characters, there are true plot twists, and I finish the book in a matter of days. (I highly recommend Tacos for Two and Saving Mrs. Roosevelt, on that note.)Still, there are five nitty-gritty reasons I will stop reading your Christian fiction book:Photo Credit: ©Alexis Brown/Unsplash

Why Haven't More People Read The Abolition of Man by C.S. Lewis?

The Abolition of Man is one of Lewis’ most challenging philosophical works. Since it is a work of scholarship, it was not written in the vernacular as Mere Christianity, The Problem of Pain, and Surprised by Joy. Readers who have taken up the challenge have found it worthwhile, for the book is very prophetic about our postmodern culture.Reading Lewis’ The Abolition of Man requires great effort and reflection. Many of Lewis’ admirers and many Lewis scholars have stated that it is one of his most challenging but vital works. Lewis’ friend and fellow Inkling Owen Barfield praised it as one of his most important books.Further Reading: 10 C.S. Lewis Books You Haven’t Read YetPhoto Credit: ©GettyImages/kot63

Why Did C.S. Lewis Write Mere Christianity?

Mere Christianity has sold millions of copies every year since its original publication in 1952. The book has been well-received among Christians across denominational backgrounds and people of different worldviews.So how did Lewis write this perennial bestseller?Photo Credit: © Getty Images/Kriangsak Koopattanakij

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