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Should You Take the Path of Least Resistance When Choosing Your Career?

Work satisfaction has been shown to impact not only health but life longevity as well. When we are disengaged from our work, we can lose a sense of who we are. This is the time to turn to the Bible, which provides the truth of who we are and what God desires for us. You have a God-given design and have been created for a purpose. You and your work matter to God!

6 Crucial Things the Bible Says Make a Great Leader

Perhaps we think of a leader as someone in charge, one who commands an army or steers an organization or business to success. Perhaps we think of someone in the spotlight, with all eyes looking to them for a decision, a rallying cry, or just simple direction. Or perhaps a leader is someone who coaches and guides us, motivating and inspiring when things look bleak.The truth is that leaders aren’t always in charge, or even commanding or inspiring. The Bible gives us a number of examples of great leaders, people who did the right thing and inspired others to look to God and God’s way. They still inspire us today.For example, in spite of a speech impediment, Moses led God’s people, the Israelites, out of Egypt and toward the Promised Land. The apostles Peter, John, and James — identified in Acts 4:13 as unschooled, ordinary men — led the early church after Christ’s resurrection.Today, we can be leaders in a number of ways: in our households, our workplaces, our communities, and our churches. The important thing is to be a godly leader, heeding God’s commends and God’s ways in all we do. These attributes apply to men as well as to women.Let’s dive into God’s Word to discover six things the Bible says make a great leader.Photo credit: ©Getty Images/Dmitry Kovalchuk

5 Tips for Shaping Your Workplace Culture

You don’t have to be a chaplain to play a role in having a positive influence on your workplace. Anyone in the workplace can shape its culture in a positive way. Here are his five tips for shaping your workplace culture.

How I Strike a Healthy Work-Life Balance

When I allow my day to yield to the Spirit, I find that the best task I do is not simply about completing work on a to-do list but rather serving God in such a way that I can be an instrument to proclaim the gospel.

24 Essential Ways to Nail Your Next Job Interview

By following these do's and don'ts, you can maximize your potential to present yourself effectively during interviews. Remember that, in these roles, your qualifications, character, and alignment with the organization's values are critical. Approach the interview process with sincerity, humility, and a commitment to the organization's mission, and you'll be well on your way to a successful interview and a fulfilling, meaningful career.

How to Know if You Are Living Your Calling

A calling and how you live out the "why" behind your creation is such a large part of the short lives we live on this planet. Be it for creation, be it for cultivating His garden, or be it for something else, God has a very specific and beautiful plan that you are invited into.

8 Ways to Know God's Will for Your Life

When I was a young man, I seemed to continually wrestle with knowing God’s will for my life. I wanted more than anything to follow His plan. Interestingly, now that I’m “old” (currently 47 years old), I still wrestle with doing His will in my life. I have come to learn that this is not just something that a young person does early in life; it is a lifelong pursuit in order to stay in the exact center of His plan.So, then, how can we know God’s plan for our lives? Over the past twenty-five years that I have been in ministry, I have discovered eight vital keys to knowing God’s will. Here they are:Photo credit: ©Getty Images/People Images

5 Lies Women Believe about Their Calling

As women, it is an unfortunate snare that we fall into lies others place upon us in our own lives. There is a lie many of us believe behind closed doors that someone else would be better suited or equipped for the careers and callings we pursue. We must stop believing these lies and thwarting the potential of all we were meant, called, and potentially can do.
Photo credit: ©Getty Images/Delmaine Donson

8 Ways to Show Your Pastor That He Is Appreciated

By showing your appreciation through written notes, meeting tangible needs, or blessing them with finances, any act, no matter how small, will show your pastor just how loved and appreciated he and his family truly are.

5 Ways to Bounce Back from Failure

When we fail how do we move on? Is it possible to bounce back? If today you are facing failure, don’t despair. Look up. Look in. Look out — the future, with Jesus as your Lord, will be better.

10 Psalms to Read on the Days You Feel Drained

It’s so easy to become overwhelmed by life circumstances, and being overwhelmed can leave us drained and desperate. When we are physically, mentally, or spiritually drained, we need far more than propping up. We need a sense that God is real and involved in our lives. We need to claim the truths we have in our Father God and His Son, Jesus, our Savior.Here are Scriptures from 10 psalms that can help when we feel drained — in those times when what we actually need are strength, stability, hope, peace, refreshment, joy, comfort, deliverance, courage, and the healing rest of a good night’s sleep.Photo credit: ©Getty Images/Drazen Zigic


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