Singer with Speech Impediment Leaves Crowd Inspired

Auditioning is an intimidating and scary experience for anyone, but especially for Amanda Mammana. As she introduces herself on the stage, she slowly shares that she has a speech impediment. Clearly nervous, the crowd holds their breath as she prepares to sing an original song. She tells the judges that it's a song about hard times and that if she could go back and change those things, she wouldn't because they made her who she is today. Everything about her performance is flawless, from her guitar playing to her meaningful lyrics to her silky voice. 

One viewer commented, "I love artists like this young lady that come on the show with their original material. She explained her speech issue and sailed through her song like a beautiful swan. Well done, Amanda." Another said, "It's the mystery of stuttering. As a speech therapist, we can teach relaxation techniques and strategies to help decrease dysfluency... But singing taps a part of the brain that allows the person struggling to be fluent. The power of music." The power of music indeed! God gave us the gift of music to express ourselves and touch others.

Amanda is a stunning example of growth, bravery, and not regretting the past. As her song comes to a close and she witnesses a standing ovation, she tearfully shares she never thought she would be "good enough" to do something like audition for America's Got Talent. A woman in the crowd yells out, "You ARE good enough!" What a powerful moment and truth we need to speak to ourselves every day. We are enough, not because of anything we have done, but because of the perfection of Christ in our place. He is our Heavenly Father who adores us, who tells us to run to Him even when we feel unworthy. He emboldens us to do scary things and trust Him all the way. 

Photo credit: ©YouTube


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