15 Tips for New Homeschool Parents

Seeking advice from seasoned veterans as you begin your homeschool journey is a great way to calm your nerves, generate ideas, and assure yourself that you can do this!

30 Day Prayer Challenge for Your Teenager

If only we could impart perfect wisdom into our teenagers’ brains and protect them from life’s most damaging pitfalls. Obviously, we can’t, but we can do something even better, even more life changing. We can point them to the God who always maintains full control, created their inmost beings, and knows precisely where they’re headed. We can teach them to converse daily with Him.

Take Flight With Science!

At some time in our lives, we all wish we could “sprout” wings and fly. People have been curious about flight for thousands of years, moving from myth to invention.

Learn About Birds

Spring is a great time to get into the hobby of bird-watching. Here are some great tips to help you get started.


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