What Secrets about Fatherhood Can a Carpenter Teach?

Growing up, I was always obsessed with my dad’s work as a carpenter. Many of his stories and life lessons were wood-related or shop-themed; and from his wisdom and example, I learned how to not only become a great craftsman but also a man of God.

9 Important Things I Learned from My Dad

While my dad never will be famous, his words — and more importantly, his actions — taught me a great deal. From partnering to problem-solving and more, here are nine important things I learned from my dad.

What Does it Look Like to Be a 'God-Fearing Man'?

Society will tell us: a man is to be both strong physically and emotionally with a rough and rugged exterior; or a ‘God-fearing’ man doesn’t have tattoos, long hair, or piercings; or it’s unholy or heathenistic to wear t-shirts and jeans to Sunday service. Fortunately, the Bible provides us with 10 clear ways to be a God-fearing man.

What Is the One Essential Key to Helping Men Kick Porn?

Some men, once they recognize the negative consequences of viewing porn, are able to break their porn habit in short order. But most men who use porn remain zip-tied to it for years. Unfortunately, fewer than 20 percent of porn users have even one person who is helping them avoid porn, and fewer than half know someone who could help. Men, the need for friends and mentors has never been greater.

How to Lead at Home: 5 Important Things Men Need to Know

Too often, especially in the church, our idea of male leadership is wrapped up in certain cultural norms that, in many cases, no longer apply. Jesus is calling us to rise above these superficial differences so that men can lead their families into spiritual maturity and a thriving life.

How Is Masculinity Made Holy?

Being a gunfighter, being wealthy, belonging to the right club, or being promoted to the highest level of society, even things like earthly power, become nothing in comparison to seeking, knowing, and obeying God. When we practice godly love and self-control, we are on the road to becoming holy. We have started to become servant kings.

3 Lies about Pornography That Could Be Destroying Your Marriage

There are currently over 24.5 million different pornographic websites on the Internet, which represents approximately 12% of all websites. What’s more, at any given time, approximately 30,000 people are looking at porn. Here are 3 lies we believe about pornography that could be destroying our lives and our marriages.

Confessions of a Pharisee

The Pharisees thought that they were leading people down the right path. But their pride blinded them. They wanted their way, not God's. Defining God as you want Him can be very appealing; and it can lead to becoming a modern-day Pharisee. Check your heart: are you practicing any of these 'tricks of the trade?'

Why Do Dying Men Call for “Mama?”

We just might end this earthly life crying out for “Mama.” It may be God’s gracious way of reminding us we are loved and known, even when we cannot help ourselves. Maybe our crying “Mama” is God’s way of showing us where we started...and reminding us we have a Father, too.

4 Ways Men of God Can Master Meekness

The world continues to challenge and even redefine masculinity for our boys and young men. So, what does godly, biblical masculinity really look like? Beyond age, marital status, geography, or work, what does it mean to be a man of God?

Hope for All: Jesus Makes Leaders out of Knuckleheads

It's easy for us to look at early Church leaders such as Philip, Peter, and John and see them as pillars of the faith. Bold, fearless men who always did the right thing. Supermen of old. But they were ordinary men who made mistakes. Men who sometimes were knuckleheads. Which gives every man real hope.


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