Sanctity of Life

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What Does Pro-Life Really Mean?

The terms pro-choice versus pro-life are tossed around in the media, courts, and public opinions, but let’s take a closer look at the true pro-life meaning, not just politically, but morally and spiritually.

What Is the Biblical Meaning of the Phrase "Sanctity of Life"?

This term “sanctity of life” has most often been connected to the battle over abortion and protecting the lives of the unborn, but is there more to it? For this reason, I want to challenge your thinking about this term and make sure you have a true biblical understanding of the phrase “sanctity of life.”

When Does Life Begin According to the Bible?

A baby in the womb is living, breathing, has a mind, organs, and a beating heart. All of us, at one point, were helpless children in the wound of our mother. At the time of conception, each of us became alive.

10 Pro-Life Celebrities Who Aren't Afraid to Speak Up

With the advent of ultrasounds, unborn babies may be voiceless, but they’re not invisible. Their heartbeats can be heard. It’s the Devil’s lie that these aren’t precious little human beings to be incubated and nourished in their mommy’s tummy until they burst forth with their first breath and cry. Both bodies are intertwined from the moment of conception, bonding even before birth. That’s how God designed the mystery and majesty of creation.Yet many still want the “right” to eliminate that human being, even after the baby takes its first breath! Such barbaric depravity is championed and endorsed by pro-choice celebrities. Pro-life celebrities are often blacklisted and risk their careers if they speak out for the sanctity of life for the unborn, yet many of them courageously still do.With Roe v Wade mercifully overturned by the Supreme Court and the issue of abortion returned to the states, the fight for life is now at the local level, and pro-life celebrities could lend their influence to eliminating abortion in their states. Who among them will be brave and bold enough to continue standing against the travesty of abortion?Photo Credit: Tessa Rampersad/Unsplash

How to Talk to Your Teen about Abortion

However, our teens need to understand that our choices come with consequences, and in the event of an untimely pregnancy, the temptation to end a life in order to enrich their own only paves a pathway to guilt and shame.

What Is a Biblical Response to Unplanned Pregnancy?

I wholeheartedly believe we need to build a more pro-mom, pro-child, and pro-family world. Paid leave, a culture that honors women who are expecting, more support for adoption, support for birth moms, better mental health services, improved healthcare, more equitable pay, and the list goes on how we can work to create a life-honoring society.

A Prayer for Those Who are Pro-Choice, and Pro-Life

Whatever way we feel about this generation-changing decision, prayer is what should guide us most in the time ahead. Instead of violence and debate over who is right and who is wrong, we need to seek God in prayer to see what His Word says about such a sensitive issue.

Ten Arguments for the Value of the Pre-born

An unprecedented event at the United States Supreme Court recently set off a flurry of panic among those who vehemently support the “right” to have an abortion. The leaked document indicating that the nation’s highest court could be on the cusp of reversing a 50-year-old decision that appeared to grant abortion a constitutionally protected right has been a hotly debated topic in recent weeks. This event has spawned many protests both for and against the right of a preborn baby to live.Ironically, this document was leaked the week before Mother’s Day. While ethical outrage about the way this possible decision was leaked to the media is certainly appropriate under the circumstances, the heart of the issue remains central. Is abortion, in fact, the premeditated murder of a preborn baby? Does the baby who is conceived have any rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness in this country?The Biblical PerspectiveThe following arguments speak volumes about the humanity of the conceived baby. These arguments, found on the website Evidence and Answers, are based on biblical principles:Photo Credit: ©Getty Images/SabdiZ


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