Exclusive Interview: Steven Curtis Chapman's Musical Journey

Grammy-winning artist Steven Curtis Chapman recently shared insights into his upcoming two-hour concert, "The Great Adventure," set to air on TBN on November 24th at 8 pm. The event commemorates Chapman's remarkable achievement of producing 50 Number One songs performed alongside the Nashville Recording Orchestra. During the conversation, Chapman also delved into his passion for adoption and the 20th anniversary of Show Hope, an organization he co-founded with his wife, Mary Beth, to support adoptive families.

Chapman expressed his excitement about the upcoming concert, emphasizing the profound impact of performing with a full orchestra. He highlighted the emotional and transformative experience of creating music with a symphony, describing it as the "sound of heaven" that adds a unique depth and emotion to his songs.

The inspiration for "The Great Adventure" concert stemmed from a desire to celebrate his 50th Number One song, "Don't Lose Heart." Additionally, the event coincided with the 20th anniversary of Show Hope, an organization dedicated to supporting adoptive families and reducing adoption barriers.

Chapman shared the story behind his hit song "The Great Adventure," revealing that it originated during a challenging period in his career. Faced with expectations and pressure after winning a Grammy, he turned to his pastoral advisors for guidance. The song emerged from a moment of vulnerability, expressing the tension between the excitement of opportunities and the fear of inadequacy.

The conversation touched on Chapman's occasional forgetfulness of lyrics during concerts, a relatable aspect for many artists. Chapman humorously recounted instances where he improvised or acknowledged mistakes, earning the affection of his audience.

Reflecting on his music's message, Chapman spoke about his recent collection of songs, emphasizing the importance of acknowledging life's challenges while trusting in God's faithfulness. His music aims to convey the profound connection between the brokenness of the world and the hope found in the gospel.

The interview concluded with a glimpse into Chapman's future plans, including an eight-city acoustic Christmas tour. Despite reaching the age of 60, Chapman expressed his enduring love for making music and connecting with his audience. He shared his belief that retirement from music isn't on the horizon, envisioning a continued journey of creating and performing for the joy it brings to him and his listeners.

Steven Curtis Chapman's upcoming concert serves as a testament to his prolific career, marking a milestone of 50 Number One songs. Beyond the music, Chapman's dedication to adoption advocacy and his ongoing commitment to creating meaningful, faith-inspired music underscore a rich and impactful legacy.

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