How Can I Come to Terms with Unrealistic Expectations?

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I would say that it starts with being honest, and it's getting honest with the Lord first because, you know, I didn't even know how deep my struggles were. I kind of thought they were normal, you know, you have the biggies that you're dealing with in your life but then there are all these entanglements with vanity and money and desire for recognition, things you don't even really see about yourself. So I had to get before the Lord and get honest with him and get honest with myself, and then I feel like the second step of that is getting honest with other people. Because I have found such accountability and encouragement in numbers, where women are like "oh my gosh, me too!" and you're not so alone. But then you also see how it's such an entanglement and so you don't underestimate you're own junk anymore, and you really go: okay this is deep, these are heavy chains. And then the Lord goes about fixing it.

So honesty, honestly, and talking to the Lord and to other people. I mean it's technically the only answer there is to any struggle, and that is the Word. The Word, the Word of God. Because it's been amazing to me that verses I've read my entire life that I thought were very specific in application are now applying to the way that I watch TV and how I respond to movies and how I respond to the girl in line at the grocery store. So, Scripture is what frees us and it's, for me, the only way out. 

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