Why Do Christians Continue to Believe in the Virgin Birth of Jesus?

Why do Christians continue to believe in the virgin birth of Christ? Can this view be maintained today? There are a number of objections that could be raised against it. You could think of the scientific objection, those who say that it's simply not scientifically possible. We should ask here what can science do? What can science verify and what can science not verify? I think at it's core, science deals with observable phenomena and seeks to describe them and explain them.

Science doesn't quite have the ability to go beyond what is observable. What I mean is this. Science doesn't have the ability to test whether a baby in the womb has been conceived by the power of the Holy Spirit. Science has no way to measure this. When we're dealing with supernatural claims like this one there's only so far that science can take us. There are certain things that science simply has not the ability to measure or to gauge. 

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