14 Wise Words of Advice for Upcoming High School Graduates

It’s nearly graduation season for high schoolers, and what better time than now to think about what advice to give these young men and women on the cusp of adulthood. But first, some ground rules for sharing your wisdom with high school graduates.

Depending on your age and life experiences, you have a lot to offer high school graduates, who think they know it all but don’t really. Here’s what not to do when talking with a high school graduate.

  • Don’t talk about your own experience, good or bad.
  • Don’t pressure them about a career choice.
  • Don’t expect them to have all the answers about their future.
  • Don’t give them a hard time about their post-high school choice (college, gap year, trade school, etc.).

On the positive side, employ the following when congratulating a teenager upon completion of high school.

  • Do be sincere.
  • Do be short and sweet.
  • Do be positive.
  • Do be kind.

Here are 14 pieces of advice to give students who are about to graduate from high school.

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