Ready...Set...Vacation! with Erik the Travel Guy


The Travel Calendar

It is critical that if you want to travel this year, you start right now with a little planning. Believe me, time is already running out! Think of it this way, there are 12 months in a year. You’re probably not prepared to go anywhere in the next 45 days so, we’re down to ten months. Now take out December and November due to holidays and we’re down to eight. Obviously, nobody likes to travel during the height of peak summer season (with the rest of the world) so that rules out June, July and August. So you have a five month window to take this amazing vacation. And if you factor in saving money for this trip, you’re essentially planning a trip for either September or October. That’s an eight week window. See how the time just evaporates right before your eyes? Take a moment this week to plot out your “vacation year”. Get your family involved and make a plan you can stick to! Have a fantastic week and remember to visit my new Etsy shop here:



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