Messianic Perspectives with Dr. Gary Hedrick

Messianic Perspectives with Dr. Gary Hedrick

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Messianic Perspectives brings you down-to-earth Bible teaching from a distinctive first-century Jewish point of view.
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Joseph - A Prophetic Portrait of the Messiah, Part 07
The second-youngest son of Jacob was sold into slavery in Egypt but rose to become the second-most powerful man on the face of the earth. His remarkable life corresponds in dozens of ways to the life of Jesus Christ, making Joseph one of the most complete types of the Messiah in the entire Old Testament.

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The End

The end times have seen a great amount of interest within the last two decades, but there hasn’t been a comprehensive overview of biblical prophecy and eschatology for more than five decades. Mark Hitchcock’s book is that comprehensive resource for the twenty-first century The End will do for eschatology what Randy Alcorn’s Heaven did for people’s understanding of heaven. It will provide a solid biblical foundation for Christians to explore the essential truths around this topic—the end of the world.


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