Watchman Radio Hour with Alex Dodson

Watchman Radio Hour with Alex Dodson

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The Watchman Radio Hour offers timely messages from the Bible each week.
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The Ancient Landmarks
We must beware of removing the ancient boundary stones or landmarks. Today, so much is being done to remove the ancient landmarks of our nation. There are those who want to secularize the nation and take God completely out of the public sector. No nation that once acknowledged God as this nation has in the past and turns away from him will escape his displeasure.

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We are helping children in India and Nepal through our Children's Fund. This Christmas you can make a child happy by giving to our Children's Fund. Through this fund, we provide help with schooling and family support as well as providing opportunities for children to hear the gospel and be saved. Thank you for donating to our Children's Fund this Christmas Season. Also, all donations in December are being matched. Your donation will bring a double blessing to a child this Christmas.


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