Anthony Bushnell

Anthony Bushnell

This program will help Christians make sense of the events and ideas affecting our culture and the church by teaching them to apply the Scriptures and a Christian mind. Anthony Bushnell and various guests will help believers understand and use the whole Bible to develop thoroughly Christian convictions as we encounter each topic. We will seek to be people whose lives are shaped by God’s priorities and God’s wisdom rather than the influences of the world. Our goal is for those around us to see the goodness and truth of the gospel displayed in our words and our actions so that they would know Christ and be saved.

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Anthony Bushnell has practiced criminal law in the Twin Cities and Greater Metro for 15 years, serving as both a part-time city prosecutor and a private defense attorney. Anthony practices law with Bushnell & Best, PLLC, where the firm also handles family law and juvenile protection matters. Anthony served on the Board of Directors of Christian Legal Society and has presented workshops at several CLS National Conferences. He is also adjunct faculty at a local university and teaches the Minnesota criminal and traffic statutes to law enforcement students. Anthony served as the Chair of the Criminal Law Section of the Minnesota State Bar Association for 2019-2020. He graduated from the University of Minnesota Law School in 2005 and received a Master of Arts in Exegesis and Theology from Bethlehem College & Seminary in 2020. His firm can be found at:



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