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Solomon Akwaka

Solomon Akwaka

Our Purpose
Spirit of the Lord church will bring hope and healing to people by raising up leaders who preach the Good news, bring healing, and freedom.

Our Mandate
Isaiah 61:1-4
Preach the good news, heal the brokenhearted, set the captives and prisoners free and then train them to repair, restore, and rebuild the waste places that exist in people and in our cities.

Our Philosophy
The Lord has given us pillars in which we are to build this ministry upon. These pillars are:    
  Community Outreach
    Children & Youth
Men and Women
         Leadership Development



Pastor Solomon Akwaka was born in and grew up in Accra, Ghana with 5 siblings. As a pastor’s kid, there
was a lot to live up to. He joined the choir as a pre-teenager, actively involved himself in local outreach
and was intrigued by being in leadership. This led to him holding leadership roles early in his walk with
He has served in various leadership capacities in churches such as a prayer leader, music minister,
church administrator, assistant pastor, resident pastor with several ministries — for nearly 20 years —
and now serves as senior pastor of Spirit of the Lord Church in Minneapolis, Minnesota


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