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The Rest Of The Rest

The Rest Of The Rest

Bringing scripture to life so you can enter the REST God has for YOUR LIFE! Laugh and learn with Scott and Maria how to both enjoy & share GOD'S BEST through Jesus Christ!

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About Scott and Maria Erickson

Scott and Maria Erickson are licensed ministers of the Gospel and founders of Last Days Disciples, a ministry dedicated to making healthy, mature and joyful disciples of Christ that make disciples, that make disciples and so on!   For over twenty years, they have brought healing, hope and transformation to individuals, couples and families through their teaching and prayer ministry.  With a down-to-earth kingdom-come theology Scott and Maria want everyone to know the abundant life Jesus Christ died to give them.  On their weekly radio show The Rest of The Rest, listeners tune in to hear “the rest” of what they may need to know to enter more fully into “the rest” that comes from our inheritance in Christ!  You’re invited to tune in to The Rest of The Rest on AM980 at 10am every Saturday for some laughter, encouragement and the truth that will set your soul free to REST in Christ!


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