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Marriage Is a Party (Tip: You’re the Host)
By Justin Talbert

My wife and I recently attended a friend’s wedding. The officiant’s concluding words to the couple: “Welcome to the party!”

To me, it sounded irreverent. And I was dead wrong.

God is all about celebration. You can't get far in the Bible without reading about parties.

Throughout the Old Testament, celebration is etched into the annual planner. God commanded His people to gather for magnificent festivals, accompanied by food and music and dancing and singing and lights and worship.

In the New Testament, Jesus’ first miracle is to create wine. While He’s attending a party. Revelation concludes with a wedding supper. The Kingdom of heaven is itself a feast (Luke 15:23-24).

Why did God do this?

We worship God most by enjoying Him best. And celebration is the heart of worship.

The same principle applies to marriage. Our spouses feel most loved when they are most enjoyed.

It’s my belief—yeah, I’ll get a little weird here, that’s fine—Christian marriages should be the foremost party entities on the planet. (No, not colleges. Not teenage house parties. Definitely not the Oscars.)

How tragic that we’re allergic to this thought. I mean, c’mon. We each possess a covenantal union with the greatest person ever, right? Is it really that difficult to enjoy every facet of their awesomeness?

(Does your spouse feel enjoyed and celebrated by you?)

No, I’m not purporting marriage is happy, happy, joy, joy all the time. Can I get an amen?

All I’m saying is that even despite the difficulties of marriage, shouldn’t the world see our God-ordained unions as ecosystems of celebratory bliss?

Celebration is core to our faith and, therefore, our marriages.

Let’s make marriage a party by perpetually reveling in our better halves.

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The Good Stuff: And all the people went up after [Zadok the priest], playing on pipes, and rejoicing with great joy, so that the earth was split by their noise. (1 Kings 1:40)

Action Steps: Make a list (yes, right now) of 10 things about your spouse that are worthy of celebration. Your mission over the next week is to celebrate all of them. Don’t overcomplicate it. The goal is for your spouse to feel enjoyed and loved.

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