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2:00PM - 2:30PM

Isaiah61 with Solomon Akwaka
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Spirit of the Lord church will bring hope and healing to people by raising up leaders who preach the Good news, bring healing, and freedom.
3:00PM - 3:30PM

Discovering the Jewish Jesus with Rabbi Schneider

During the past forty plus years, Rabbi Schneider has committed his life to a passionate pursuit of Jesus and being used by God for His purpose. Through his years of experience in both personal spiritual warfare and ministry, Rabbi Schneider is . . .
3:30PM - 4:00PM

Unlimited Grace with Bryan Chapell

Unlimited Grace is dedicated to spreading the gospel of God’s grace to all people. We desire for believers everywhere to serve God through faith in His grace that frees from sin and fuels the joy of transformed lives.
4:00PM - 4:30PM

A New Beginning with Greg Laurie
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During the Great Tribulation, we see how demons are unleashed to terrorize the earth. But Wednesday on A NEW BEGINNING, Pastor Greg Laurie points out demonic power is limited and temporary. Hear a reassuring study of Bible prophecy from the book of Revelation!
4:30PM - 5:00PM

Grace to You with John MacArthur

A recent survey found that even in the best economic times the top source of stress for Americans never changed. It was always money. How about you . . . can you relate to that sort of stress? And how can you make sure it doesn’t stop you from supporting the Lord’s work?


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